Draws and Blahs
6 min nagisa
cant draw glasses sorry
for sam

i’m gonna finish the palette drawings tomorrow/day after ;w;


Asuna-SAO, palette #18

Lain, Serial Experiments, palette #2

Simba, Lion King, palette #15

Fujiko Mine, #3 for the palette thing?

I can’t do creative things well anymore today, thanks for joining me in the stream!! 

trying to do math on a whiteboard but gave up 99 problems in
super nsfw!!! forgive me parents for drawing such an nsfw…thing!!!!!
oops. my hand slipped.
ps don’t ever allow me to cross-ship it’s disastrous
no but for real imagine midousuji all like “yes as long as you do anything I command you can be my pet” and genocider all doting and devoted…
hello yes i cannot draw right now please try again later
i wanted to draw ene using a specific color palette but it kinda just turned into midousuji?????
literature final assessment