you're going to youmacon? are you gonna be at the artist alley, or just as a con-goer?

I’m just attending! I don’t have enough artwork to have a table at the artist alley. I may or may not be cosplaying, but if I am, I’ll post a pic so people can find me c:

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guess who I’m cosplaying as for youmacon ??
just finished gin no sajibutadon is the most important character okay
my sketches?? messy??? no they’re always super neat it must be your imagination

i cleaned it up a lot
40 m hamuhamu scribble
hamuhamu too
i was drawing this when i realized how inconsistent my style is
i swear i meant to go to sleep ajsdklfjas
eva doodles
oops. my hand slipped.
ps don’t ever allow me to cross-ship it’s disastrous
no but for real imagine midousuji all like “yes as long as you do anything I command you can be my pet” and genocider all doting and devoted…
i wanted to draw ene using a specific color palette but it kinda just turned into midousuji?????