Draws and Blahs

Anything that I’m using for my college application portfolio will be taken down from this tumblr. Those that only received a few notes may be re-uploaded later.

i swear i meant to go to sleep ajsdklfjas
eva doodles
oops. my hand slipped.
ps don’t ever allow me to cross-ship it’s disastrous
no but for real imagine midousuji all like “yes as long as you do anything I command you can be my pet” and genocider all doting and devoted…
i wanted to draw ene using a specific color palette but it kinda just turned into midousuji?????
lost her way.jpg
*sighs deeply* I don’t know how to draw anymore/I’m so inconsistent
I’ve been in Canada so all I have are doodles ;A;
Thank you all for the support ;~; I’ve received many highly encouraging and loving asks and notes and you are all wonderful people c:
mako, mako, mako, mako, mako mankanshoku(to the tune of dango daikazoku!)